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This Web site is owned and operated by the Chub Study Group. ©The C.S.G.

The information and photographs contained within this web site are protected by copyright and intended solely for personal use.


No content should be copied, reproduced in a printed publication, radio /TV broadcast/podcast or used electronically for any purpose without prior permission of the site owners and in the case of artwork the individual artist and/or Group member.


Anyone/organisation wishing to use information and/or photographs contained within the site should email: requesting permission to do so.


Should permission be given we ask that be credited as originators of the material and a link placed to the web site from the web site distributing the information; if appropriate, a reciprocal link will be provided from the C.S.G. web site.

Permission to use content contained within does not extend to photographs/text/artwork obtained from any third party and authorisation to reproduce must be obtained directly from the copyright holder.

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